About the challenge

Every great musician had to start from basic scales, right? In the art and science of product design, you also don't want to be skipping steps. This is why Global Travel Jam 2022 puts the spotlight on the ideal initial step for design endeavor: user research.

At Kiwi.com, we’re proud that UX researchers are a core part of the design team, making sure that user needs are at the heart of our product. What does that mean for you?

The first part of our challenge will be for you to become a researcher yourself.

You’ll start working on your Jam challenge even before you get to Brno. First, you’ll get a budget in Kiwi.com Credit to book a trip which you'll use to gather insights.

These hacks help travelers find cheaper tickets and they make for a more exciting experience. You’ll easily find these itineraries in the Kiwi.com search: just look for the “travel hack” label.

Where research and design come together

The second part of your challenge starts once you get to Brno and meet with your team members. You’ll choose a design issue and tackle it together using the insights you gathered during your trip. You'll work with talented and experienced UX professionals, plus you’ll get support from our very own research superstars. After brainstorming, wireframing, and prototyping, you'll present your polished solution to the jury.