About the challenge

Great UX is not easy to create. It should take into account the unique needs of users, offer frictionless solutions to problems before they occur, and help guide people to the outcomes they want. This gets even more complex when it comes to groups – the more people involved, the more complex their needs become!

We want to make travel enjoyable for everyone – which is why we want you to explore personas beyond the typical group traveler archetypes and find solutions for their unique problems.

Before you even get to Prague, you’ll receive a quick challenge from us where you'll build detailed personas, come up with problem statements and these will become the foundation for the subsequent in-person hackathon. Based on the results of the challenge, we will select 16 of you to jam in Prague.

As you go beyond the typical traveler archetypes and delve into the obstacles faced by your travelers, you’ll identify your group’s specific needs, goals, obstacles, and pain points across the user journey.

In Prague, we’ll vote on which personas to work on, and your team will come together to create a presentation, design, or prototype based on the solutions you and your fellow jammers come up with. All the while, you’ll be supported by the Kiwi.com design team, who’ll offer their skills, insight, and experience to help polish your final product.

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